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Get the best catering arrangements for your next kitty party.
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Jaipuria Caterers, Kitty Party Catering.

Whether you are planning a kitty party at home or at a banquet hall, Jaipuria Caterers offers the best catering for your party with some of the best in demand dishes in today's kitty parties in Jaipur.

Our team of trained manager will share you the best menu for your party gathering, with different menus for home or hall organized kitty party.

For more details on menu,, you can contact our manager Mr CB Singh at +91 8209351141 or fill the contact form below, where we have shared more details about our catering service in Jaipur.

Why choose Jaipuria Caterers?

View our services that we offer for Kitty Part Catering in Jaipur.

Customize Menu

Either view & book our special menu for kitty parties or create your own from with us.


Our crockery is of the latest design & you can also choose from our list of crockery if you want something special

Experienced chef

Our team of chef have more than 15 year experience, working in top hotels of Jaipur & Udaipur.

Serving staff

For both home or hall organized kitty parties, we have the best trained serving staff.


Get assistance in decoration, entertainment system, venue selection etc, from us at best price.

Correct pricing

Jaipuria Caterers offer the correct pricing for its services, & we suggest you to call us for more details.
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+91 8209351141
Mr Chturbhuj Singh

Jaipuria Caterers offer the best catering service to plan an awesome kitty party in Jaipur. You can choose from our home kitty party menu or a luxurious kitty party at a lavish banquet, with best services.

All aspects of catering like experienced chef, latest crockery, service staff, food counters, led food counters are all available with Jaipuria Caterers, at best & reasonable price.

Plus with our customizable menu for kitty parties, you can add special mocktails, cocktails, non-vegetarian dishes, & if you want to plan a special theme party then our manager can also assist you in various aspects like choosing a special venue, not just banquet but well-maintained restaurants, rooftop restaurants, hotel banquet halls at best fare.

For more details, meet our manager at our office in Gopi Nagar, or call us at +91 8209351141.