Soup Menu

Have a look at our complete list of Soup menu.

1. Popular soups

Tomato soup
Tomato basil soup
Tomato dhaniya shorba
Hot & sour soup
Sweet corn soup

2. Cream Soups

Cream of vegetable soup
Cream of mushroom soup
Cream of mushroom & broccoli soup
Cream of almond soup
Cream of almond & broccoli soup
Cream of almond & peas soup.

Cream soups are served with soup bun, stick & butter.

3. Vegetable Soups

Fresh mutter soup
Palak soup
Veg clear soup
Minestrone Italian soup
Chili beans soup
Asparagus soup

4. Asian Soups

Tom yum soup
Man chow soup
Wonton soup
Thai clear soup

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